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What is technical SEO And Why Is It Vital?

The technical strategies that are used to optimize the websites to make their crawling, rendering, and indexing in search engines a breeze is known as technical SEO. Technical optimization combined with on-page SEO optimization techniques can help your webs pages achieve high organic rankings against your target keywords. 

Google’s spiders crawl and consider a variety of factors when grading web pages. Therefore, Google can penalize websites that have poor navigation, slow page loading times, and glitchy redirects. The technical SEO factors save you from being penalized and help you to improve the website structure, increase page load time and give a better user experience which leads to a higher ranking in search engines. Our Company provides several technical SEO services that are designed to improve your website’s ranking through quick indexing.

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    We Deliver Results-Oriented Technical SEO Services

    Technical SEO Consultancy

    Website performance is directly related to the health of the site. A technical SEO strategy makes sure all aspects of a website are optimized for maximum performance. Our technical SEO specialists can assist you with optimizing your website. We provide the best consultancy if you have indexability or other technical issues with your website.

    Site Speed Optimization

    Users are more engaged and conversion rates are higher when a website loads faster. Our technical SEO specialists perfectly optimize the speed of your website by compressing CSS, HTML and JavaScripts files, reducing redirects and optimizing codes. Our team can build AMP pages with high speed and better performance on your demand.

    Crawlability & Sitemaps

    Sitemaps act as a map of your website and makes navigation easy. Moreover, it allows Google to find out which pages need more frequent crawling.In technical SEO services, we emphasize utilizing sitemaps to boost your website’s most important pages in search engine results. In addition, we work with you to maximize your crawl budget. 

    Website Migrations

    Our technical SEO experts ensure a professional and optimal website migration process that does not affect analytic performance, speed, ranking, traffic and responsiveness of your website. Our team also handles duplicate content, 404 pages, and updates internal links.   

    Technical SEO Audit & Analysis

    To find the issues that prevent your website from performing well in search engines, our experts analyze your website through hundreds of technical aspects. We identify crawling, indexing, page speed, sitemaps, robot.txt, internal linking structure, and mobile performance issues in our detailed audit report.  

    Schema Markup Implementation

    Our team implements structured data markups on your web pages in order for search engines to better display your web content after crawling and organizing. In addition, we test your schema markup with Structured Data Testing tool to find and fix errors.

    Competitor Analysis

    To improve the ranking of your website, our technical SEO consultants analyze your competitors’ websites thoroughly. Our team finds relevant keywords and content opportunities and monitors their backlink profile as well.  

    Voice search SEO

    You can drive valuable traffic to your website and improve your revenue with voice search optimization. Our strategy is to optimize keywords and phrases based on what people say about your business as opposed to typing. 

    International SEO

    In order to succeed at international SEO, it is important to combine both content and technical factors. In our International SEO process, we implement smart strategies that assist the search engine in understanding the language of your business and the country that you are targeting. 

    Metadata Analysis

    Optimized metadata plays a keyword to improve your website’s online visibility with rich results in search engines. Our seasoned technical SEO experts optimize the meta tags, meta title, meta description, robot tags, and alt text with your targeting keywords effectively.    

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    Challenges Associated With Technical SEO

    Website Indexation Issues

    If you do not provide consistent technical signals to Google regarding which pages you want to be indexed, or if the crawl budget is insufficient, your web pages may not appear in Google’s index. Errors such as 404s, thin or duplicate content, and server errors are some of the most frequent indexation problems. With our detailed technical SEO audit services, we can uncover and offer solutions to these issues. 

    Slow Page Speed

    The term speed indicates the loading time of your webpage. It is important that your website loads as fast as possible within less than 2 minutes as those who wait for more than 3 seconds will abandon the page. We assess your website’s speed using Google’s PageSpeed Insights. As part of our speed optimization service, Rankviz increases users’ engagement and decreases bounce rates.   

    Users Sent To Incorrect Language Pages

    There is a serious negative effect for brand recognition and placement in search results when there are hreflang mistakes such as missing return links & canonical tags, wrong language code, multiple “EN” versions on the same site in different countries and wrong x-default. In order to succeed in Global SEO, our team implements correct hreflang tags, whether we’re building a site from scratch or migrating an existing one. 

    Issues With Mobile Performance

    Studies show that many people conduct searches on their phones. Most of the time images on your site are not optimized for mobile screens. You may have many issues such as your site is not mobile responsive, has slow mobile pages, mobile-first indexing and images are not optimized for mobile phones. Our experts offer smart solutions to resolve all these issues.  

    A Sudden Drop In Organic Traffic

    Frequently, a recent search algorithm update is the reason behind a drop in website traffic. There are a number of other legitimate reasons for sudden drop in website traffic, including increased competition, google penalties, wonky redirects, decreased rankings, and faulty robots.txt. Our technical professional finds out the core issues behind this drop and restores the ranking with perfect strategies.

    Benefits of Rankviz Technical SEO Services

    By helping search engines crawl your site, technical SEO makes your site appear higher in search engine results. It’s all about navigating, making your website easy to use, and keeping it speedy, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly. Following are the advantages of technical SEO:

    • It maintains your content by keeping track of page not found errors, broken links, and omitted alt tags, ensuring it is up-to-date all the time.
    • Broaden the reach of all marketing channels including Google, Bing, Yandex and others which results in increased sales and users engagement.
    • By giving Google more information about your content, it results in an improved ranking, even a zero position.
    • The inclusion of rich Snippets can help your website generate more traffic.
    • When you share your content on social media platforms you no longer have to worry about the wrong image or text snippet showing up.
    • Search engines can be told what to crawl by using the robots.txt file and Sitemaps help search engines better index your website.

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    Why Choose Rankviz As A Technical Consultant

    Technical SEO is integral to improving the health and ranking of any website. In order to ensure an easy crawl and indexing of our clients’ websites, our team of SEO experts and developers works in collaboration. We are passionate about the ranking of our client’s websites and leave no stone unturned.  To increase your traffic and leads, our technical staff thoroughly audits your website to find out technical errors and create cutting-edge strategies accordingly. Feel free to contact us if your website isn’t performing well or your ROI isn’t going up.   

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are technical SEO elements?

    There are some factors such as XML sitemaps, structured data, hreflang and duplicate content that are handled in technical SEO to increase the crawling and indexing of websites.     

    What is the difference between technical SEO and on page SEO?

    People often confuse technical SEO with on-page optimization and think they are the same. But The two are completely different. The technical SEO deals with site speed, responsiveness, schema markups, site structures and  site security. On the flip side, the on-page is the optimization of content through property heading tags, meta titles & descriptions, URL structure, canonical tags and alt tags. 

    What are technical SEO issues?

    The common issues include are:

    • No HTTPS security
    • Site is not indexing properly
    • No XML sitemap
    • Broken links
    • Worst mobile experience
    • Users sent to pages with wrong language
    • Page not found

    What does a technical SEO specialist do?

    A technical SEo expert ensures the proper indexing of websites, makes it mobile-friendly, adds structured data markups and SSL to make it more visible in search engines.  

    How much does technical SEO cost?

    Typically, the cost of technical seo solutions ranges from $3000 to $5000, depending on the scope of the project. Further, it costs approximately $1000 per month to hire a technical SEO consultant.

    What is the difference between technical SEO and traditional SEO?

    SEO is a broad term that describes on-page, off-page and technical search engine optimization. Technical SEO deals with the technicalities of websites and is the part of on page SEO which is all  about the content of web pages. Whereas the off-page is a link building process.  

    How do I choose the right technical SEO agency?

    It is not an easy task to choose the right agency that provides effective solutions for your website’s technical errors. Thankfully, Rankviz offers state of the art services for technical optimization of your websites. We are a team of experienced digital marketers and developers at your disposal. 

    How much does a technical SEO audit cost?

    The SEO audit cost varies project to project. Large business, ecommerce stores and enterprises have higher audit costs as compared to small businesses and startups. Typically the seo audit cost ranges between $700 to $15000 per audit. 

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